Currently Loving

Hair February 1, 2016 Naomi

I am starting a new segment on the blog, the currently Loving. Now I know this is not a new concept, the currently Loving is used a lot on Youtube in place of a monthly favourites, but I am not going to focus on the many things I have loved for the previous month, rather one […]


Dry Skin Woes

Face and Body Hair January 27, 2016 Naomi

Well winter arrived with a bang here in the U.K, we had freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and we all developed an inability to get out from under our duvets. Short of hibernation it was a case of dig out the hat and scarf, find the hot water bottle, and repeatedly put the kettle on for […]


January Birchbox

Chit chat January 16, 2016 Naomi

My January Birchbox arrived last week and I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. Birchbox like any beauty box subscription are very hit and miss, I have had some good boxes in the past but this one just didn’t hit the mark for me. Let’s talk about contents. First up the products I […]


Glitter everywhere and Elemis Faves

Face and Body January 11, 2016 Naomi

When I say glitter everywhere I literally mean bloody glitter everywhere. Regular Blog readers know that I love me some Lush, especially the Christmas Lush products, neither am I a hater of glitter, I work with pre school children and they throw that stuff around like it’s going out of fashion, but the Lush Five gold […]


New Year New You???

Chit chat January 5, 2016 Naomi

Happy New year Everyone!! Now that January is upon us it is always at this time that we look to diets and getting healthy. After eating our own body weight in chocolate and roast dinners we find ourselves saying things like “pass me that lettuce” or “let’s see if weight watchers is worth another try”, […]


The Christmas Tag

Chit chat December 19, 2015 Naomi

This will be my last post of 2015 as I will be too drunk over Christmas to even think about writing blog posts, just putting it out there! I will be back in Jan though when the detox and eating clean begins in earnest. Have a fab Xmas fellow beauty girls!. I decided to end […]


Xmas Wishlist

Chit chat December 5, 2015 Naomi

There are so many lovely products out there recently that this post could be much bigger than it actually is. I have tried to narrow it down to my absolute favourites{this took ages!!} and after many cups of coffee and a few cheeky KitKats here then is my Xmas wishlist. Just a quick note to […]


Emma Hardie cleansing Balm.

Face and Body November 29, 2015 Naomi

This is one of those products that I have wanted to try for ages now but could not bring myself to fork out the £40 odd pounds to purchase it. The reviews for it are amazing, one of the most respected skincare experts and fellow blogger Caroline Hirons loves it, one of my fave Youtuber’s Ruth […]


Things that make you Happy

Chit chat November 22, 2015 Naomi

Bit of a rambly post this one so apologies if this isn’t your sort of thing. I have been thinking lately about family situations and life and how we all have to be so precious with our time and how we spend it. I am a single mum and I also work, my time in […]


Winter products I can’t live without.

Face and Body November 10, 2015 Naomi

Well winter came with a bang here in the U.K, which for us Brits means rain, drizzle, more rain, and freezing cold foggy mornings. All of this takes a toll on the skin and unless we can all hibernate until Xmas { I vote yes to this!} then we are going to have to up […]