May Favourites

Chit chat June 7, 2014 Naomi

Warning this post is a little bit obsessed with lip products! Don’t ask me why but I have gone a little bit cray over lip products lately, I have been buying them none stop, and if anyone knows of a help group I can join please let me know. Sillyness aside I have got a […]


Dream Box with Latest in Beauty-First Impressions

Chit chat June 2, 2014 Naomi

If you are a Beauty blogger and use Facebook or Twitter then you will already be very familiar with the contents of this particular box!. This is the Third box put together by Jane or the British Beauty Blogger, this time as a collaboration with Latest in Beauty, who have a good reputation for putting […]


Other Passions

Chit chat May 28, 2014 Naomi

Oh dear now I read the title again it sounds a bit saucy! smut to one side, other passions refers to the other loves in my life as well as Beauty and shopping. Now I know this is primarily a beauty blog, and I am diverting a bit today, but humour me. I promise normal […]


You Beauty Limited edition box

Face and Body May 19, 2014 Naomi

You beauty Discovery recently teamed up with the CEWUK or the cosmetic executive womens uk award{you can see why they abbreviate it} and gave us the very fabulous you beauty Limited edition box. Unlike birchbox and other subscription service boxes, here you can see exactly what you get before you order so no nasty surprises […]


Sanctuary salt scrub

Face and Body May 15, 2014 Naomi

I have blogged about Sanctuary products before and I do like them, but I had never tried their salt scrub and having been previously underwhelmed by so called body scrubs I was not holding out much hope for this one. How wrong I was, it is really good! For me exfoliating my body is a big […]


L’occitane weekends away with Shea collection

Face and Body May 12, 2014 Naomi

I am off on my Summer Holiday in A few months time to Majorca! and I know for a fact that around that time of year Majorca is very hot, so I need to pack products that are going to keep me hydrated both in my skin and in my hair. L’occitane is for starters […]


Maybelline Honey Beige lipstick

Makeup May 5, 2014 Naomi

Ever on the hunt for that eternal nude lipstick I enjoyed a trip to London recently where I picked up the Latest in my collection, the Maybelline colour sensational in Honey beige. For starters this is a very creamy lipstick, it goes on well and feels lovely on the lip. I would say this is […]


Beauty Basket updated

Chit chat May 2, 2014 Naomi

I originally blogged about my beauty basket, {which for those of you that don’t know is the basket by my bed that i keep all my fave products in}, back in October and i will link that post here. I have had a little sort out since then and a few new products have sneaked […]


Beauty Blogger Tag

Chit chat April 28, 2014 Naomi

I love a good Tag post as I am nosy and like to get to know my fellow bloggers better. I first read about this Tag  on Nina or Nina’s Bargain Beauty’s blog and i wanted to give it a go myself. Here then are the Questions, amended slightly for me…. Hair curly or straight?.   […]


All about Oils

Face and Body April 23, 2014 Naomi

I am a big fan of oils as opposed to creams. I like the way they sink in fast with no residue and the fact that they deliver such good results. Oils are great at delivering the moisture without the waxy build up that some creams can leave behind. I would pick an oil over […]