Emma Hardie cleansing Balm.

Face and Body November 29, 2015 Naomi

This is one of those products that I have wanted to try for ages now but could not bring myself to fork out the £40 odd pounds to purchase it. The reviews for it are amazing, one of the most respected skincare experts and fellow blogger Caroline Hirons loves it, one of my fave Youtuber’s Ruth […]


Things that make you Happy

Chit chat November 22, 2015 Naomi

Bit of a rambly post this one so apologies if this isn’t your sort of thing. I have been thinking lately about family situations and life and how we all have to be so precious with our time and how we spend it. I am a single mum and I also work, my time in […]


Winter products I can’t live without.

Face and Body November 10, 2015 Naomi

Well winter came with a bang here in the U.K, which for us Brits means rain, drizzle, more rain, and freezing cold foggy mornings. All of this takes a toll on the skin and unless we can all hibernate until Xmas { I vote yes to this!} then we are going to have to up […]

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BBBB 4!!

Chit chat November 1, 2015 Naomi

Sorry that is a whole lot of B’s and if you don’t know their meaning it looks a bit like some mad code! It actually stands for the British Beauty Blogger Box number 4 and if you love your products as much as me it will need no explanation. The Latest collection, and rumoured to […]

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YSL lippy and Lush baths

Face and Body October 22, 2015 Naomi

Bit of a weird title but two things I have been really loving this October are my YSL lipstick in Fuchsia in excess and Lush bath bombs, so I thought why not talk about them both on the Blog Today!. The YSL lipstick I previously blogged about here. So if you want a more indepth look at […]


Birchbox Gems

Chit chat October 15, 2015 Naomi

I do love a good beauty box. Yes they are hit and miss, yes you get a few dodgy products thrown in that you would never dream of using, but all in all they are usually good value, a lovely little treat, and if you don’t read the spoilers a nice surprise to get in […]

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Instanatural Retinol Moisturiser

Face and Body October 7, 2015 Naomi

*I was contacted by Instanatural and asked if I would review their Retinol moisturiser. I am a big lover of skincare products and having tried out a few Instanatural products already {and loving them}, I thought I would give this one a whirl. The Retinol moisturiser contains Retinol{not a shocker I’m sure!}, Green Tea, Jojoba, […]


Autumn Tag

Chit chat September 28, 2015 Naomi

Well Summer is officially over, the nights are creeping in, and it is getting a little colder over here in the U.K{though the extra sunny days have been fab!} The Autumn Tag was knocking around last year and I love a good Tag post, so I thought I would resurrect it and talk to you about […]

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Maple Holistics

Chit chat September 25, 2015 Naomi

I was kindly contacted by Maple Holistics and asked if I would review a couple of their products. Maple Holistics are an all natural range of beauty products containing the finest grade ingredients and do not contain Parabens, synthetic chemicals, and sulfates. Regular Blog readers will know I always lean more towards the organic and cleaner […]


Essence Gel polish

Nail polish September 17, 2015 Naomi

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about the range of Makeup called Essence. All the bits and pieces I used I liked, some were better quality than others, but the nail polish I have tried again and I have to say other than the glitter polish that I loved, I am now […]