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Michael Todd True Organics

Face and Body September 30, 2013 Naomi

I am super excited to be writing this post. It seems like forever I have been waiting for these products to arrive. The Michael Todd line is not available in the U.k at the moment, and as I was so keen to try it I ordered mine from America, hence the long wait. First impressions, I […]

Facebook page and other stuff.

Chit chat September 28, 2013 Naomi

Hi everyone, Just a quick message to say I have created a Facebook page, so if you use Facebook please head over and give me a ‘Like’ and that way you will get first hand info about my latest Blog posts. Page is here Remember you can also tweet me @naomijr, or leave me a […]

Bargain product 2

Face and Body Naomi

On to the second installment of my Bargain products series. Part 1 is here if you want to read it. This time I am talking about the Mudd facial mask. I have been using this product for years, since I was a spotty Teenager! It is a really affordable way to clear the skin and fight […]

Hand Dream Super Cream

Face and Body September 26, 2013 Naomi

I have mentioned this Soap and glory hand cream a few times now on my Blog, but I have yet to do a proper review of it, so here goes. Hand Dream is a  newer product than its much more famous cousin Hand food. It smells exactly the same and some of the ingredients are […]

The best facial wipes??

Face and Body September 25, 2013 Naomi

Today I am going to be chatting about the ‘Nivea visage pure and natural facial wipes’. Face wipes are the lazy girls makeup cleanser of choice, so I am already sold on the idea!!. Joking aside they are not meant to be a everyday way of removing your makeup, more a quick fix ,or to […]

Bargain product 1

Makeup September 23, 2013 Naomi

I decided I would write a few posts about products that don’t break the bank but deliver on performance. I will write them now and then when things crop up and they will be numbered to make it easier to find them all. This then is Bargain product 1. Now if you have read my […]

Product Fails

Chit chat September 20, 2013 Naomi

As most of my posts have had quite a positive spin on them I thought I would talk about the products I have not liked or got on with as much. First a real disappointment for me, I love the Bare minerals loose foundations. Made from natural ingredients they are kind to the skin and do not […]

Next candles and reed diffusers

Chit chat September 19, 2013 Naomi

I am a big fan of Next, I love their home décor items and of course I buy their clothes. I have also purchased a lot of gift sets at xmas time, and I always buy my mum the Next touch of pink Perfume because it is one of her favourites. I had never tried […]

Autumn Tag

Chit chat September 16, 2013 Naomi

I visited the blog of the lovely ‘Ramblings of a beauty bird’ and I will link her blog here. She tagged fellow bloggers to do the ‘Autumn/Fall’ Tag, answering questions about what you love about Autumn. So Let’s get into it. For Autumn what is your… Favourite thing about it? For me it is getting in […]

A little bit of Shopping

Face and Body September 13, 2013 Naomi

I went shopping with my hubby, and a couple of things I purchased I thought I would review for you. The first thing is the Victoria’s secret fragrance mist in ‘Love spell’. To start with I want to say the shop is amazing, The range of underwear is huge and the shop is very girly […]