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eyeshadow loveliness

Makeup October 31, 2013 Naomi

I am a massive fan of my Urban Decay Naked palette and I will reach for it nearly every day when I am doing my makeup, but I am also a cream eye shadow fan and I love how easy they are to apply. I just use my fingers and apply them that way, no fuss […]

Sexy Mother Pucker

Makeup October 28, 2013 Naomi

For starters you have to love the name of these glosses!. The sexy Mother Pucker or S.M.P, because let’s face it it’s shorter and easier to type, is a lip gloss made by Soap and Glory. Made with lip plumping technology which Soap and Glory refer to as ‘lipswell and superfill’ the S.M.P is a ultra shiny […]

Autumn/Winter skin saviours.

Face and Body October 25, 2013 Naomi

Now that the weather has dropped colder{I know it’s not snowing yet but it is chilly!} I thought I would share with you what products I like to use to save me from the harsh temperatures. Because of the coldness outside, plus the drying effects of the central heating, it is inevitable that it will start […]

L’occitane Shea butter hand cream.

Face and Body October 23, 2013 Naomi

I have been buying L’occitane products for many years now and along with Elemis it is one of my favourite Beauty brands. The shea butter hand cream is one of their iconic products and is usually featured in a Beauty editors Top ten. If you are a dry skin sufferer like me then you have probably […]

Lipstick loving

Makeup October 21, 2013 Naomi

I have got a favourite lip product this chilly October time that I have been reaching for a lot. I actually purchased it quite a while back now, and it ended up at the bottom of my makeup bag unloved and forgotten about. Somehow it worked its way to the top and I tried it […]

Worth all the hype??

Face and Body October 18, 2013 Naomi

I am a little late to the party when it comes to trying Bioderma. A lot of beauty gurus swear by it and it features in quite a few hauls or blog posts. Because it has not been so readily available over here in the U.K I never really bothered to try it. I  decided […]

Peace of mind for stressed out Girls {or guys}

Chit chat October 16, 2013 Naomi

Occasionally when I am super busy with work, life, housework etc  I get a tension headache that I find hard to shift. I was looking for something extra to use to relieve the pain, other than medication or my beloved yoga. I had read some reviews that said ‘Origins peace of mind’ could be used […]

SBC Collagen Gel

Face and Body October 14, 2013 Naomi

I have been a lover of SBC products for years now. Initially a salon only brand they were showcased on QVC and proved popular so they have stocked them ever since. There are quite a few good products in the range, but for me the star of the show is the Collagen gel. As this […]

Boots Advent Calendar {contains Spoilers!}

Face and Body Makeup October 11, 2013 Naomi

Stop right now if you want to buy the calendar and don’t want to know what is inside, if you like me are not interested in surprises then read on. Firstly I will say I did not get sent this for free like the established bloggers, secondly I will say I opened every door and […]

Bargain product 3

Makeup October 9, 2013 Naomi

Another beauty steal, this time the MUA shimmer kisses bronzer. This retails for around £3 but it is often on offer for £1.50! bargain. I  will start by saying this is not your full on bronzer. The colour and pigments are not strong so you will not get heaps of colour pay off if you […]