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Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Face and Body July 29, 2015 Naomi

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is one of those cult products that has achieved superstar status amongst the beauty and especially the Blogging community. It has been around for ages now but it still regularly pops up in Blog posts or on favourite lists.  I have been curious about its magical powers for awhile now and […]

Epsom Salt Baths

Face and Body July 24, 2015 Naomi

I love a good bath, light a few candles, pop on a bit of music and enjoy. Never found the appeal of a shower, unless you are talking the convenience of it all, certainly not relaxing in my book. Epsom salt baths are designed for after exercise to soothe tired and achey muscles. I first […]

Latest in Beauty heart box

Chit chat July 11, 2015 Naomi

You really can’t beat a latest in beauty box, I love their little collections and I have to stop myself from ordering every one! The value for money is always brilliant and the products inside are good and of a high quality. I have had this particular box for awhile now as I wanted to […]