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Going Back  a few years when I started watching QVC I remember the excitement of my first order arriving. It was a Liz Earle starter Kit, exquisitely wrapped in green tissue and smelling of herbs and flowers. Every single product in it was a joy. It was love people, real love.

Fast forward a few years and getting passed all the “Oh no she sold to Avon” hype and the “Oh dear she changed some ingredients” malarkey and what is left are still some of the best products that I have ever used.

Starting with the jewel in the crown let’s talk about Cleanse and Polish. Packed with all natural ingredients such as Rosemary, chamomile and cocoa butter this hot cloth cleanser, which comes with its own muslin cloth to help you remove it, is a beauty editors fave winning countless awards such as the Woman and Home “best in beauty award”. It effortlessly removes grime and make up without stripping the skin. To use you massage it onto dry skin and then wet the muslin cloth under hot water, wring it out and then polish away the residue. Results; clear, soft and clean skin.

Another winner for me is the Orange flower Botanical Body wash. Made from organic oats and yarrow, and fragranced with Rose scented geranium and orange flower water, this is a gentle Body cleanser that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. As a testament to how much I love it I estimated I am probably now on bottle number 10 or 11. How’s that for a repeat purchase.

The controversial bit for me with Liz Earle products is the use of Parabens. Now views differ about how safe their use is in cosmetics etc but Liz covers this on her website under FAQ’s. As a side note both the Cleanse and Polish and the Orange flower Body wash are both Paraben free, and none of her products are tested on animals.
What are your thoughts on Liz Earle?? Do you have a favourite product.

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