Alpha H liquid gold{to stop me looking elderly}

Face and Body August 18, 2013 Naomi

Very often when I am looking for a new skin fix or I want to know which are the latest products that everybody is raving about, I will check out another beauty lovers blog. One of my favourite blogs to read, which I have spoken about in another post is Ruth’s or “A model recommends”. Some time last year she wrote a blog post about her love for Alpha H liquid gold and all the good benefits it had made to her skin.

Liquid gold is a glycolic acid{Yes the word acid is a bit off putting!!} that works as a chemical exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and making the skin clearer and brighter. To use you moisten a cotton wool pad and sweep over your face last thing at night. It does say that your skin may tingle upon use, mine never has but it does produce a cooling sensation.

I use it every other night and then leave it for a few days and use again. It is not cheap to buy and retails for around the thirty to forty pounds mark for 100ml.

I personally love this product. I was very skeptical when I first started applying it because it comes out the bottle like water, and I did not think it would do anything at all, but it really is a fantastic product.
I have oily/combination skin and do still get the odd blemish now and then, I also have open pores around my nose and “old lady issues” ie fine lines and wrinkles.
I found when waking that my skin looked plump and smoother, the fine lines around my eyes had diminished and the open pores reduced. I have also found over time that it does seem to keep breakouts under control and my skin now looks very good.
The only other important thing I need to tell you is use a good sunscreen the morning after you have used your liquid gold as it can make you a little ‘sun sensitive’.

Would I, like Ruth, recommend Liquid gold?? absolutely, it’s not cheap but well worth the price tag.

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