Barry M Gelly Hi-shine.

Nail polish August 13, 2013 Naomi

Nail polish is one of those Beauty items that I have been in Homepage love with since a very small child. Going back in time I can still remember how much I adored painting my nails with the Sindy doll nail polish. If you are as old as me you will remember that Sindy was Barbie’s maken fatter uk cousin {not literally true}.

Getting back onto the Title of this post Barry wholesale nba jerseys M Gelly nail polish was designed to provide a high gloss finish with Creative a chip resistant formula.Hmm how often have we heard the words chip resistant being bandied about.

Wandering around town one afternoon I decided to take a look at the colours available in the Gelly shine range and being drawn to a few I ended up 10 purchasing “prickly pear” which is a lilac colour, “Blueberry” which is of course blue, “Grapefruit” which is nothing like a grapefruit and is in fact a darker pink, and “Dragon fruit” which just says Dragon on my bottle and is in fact not green and scaly but light pink.

Out of all the colours I don’t have a particular favourite and each is worn as much as the rest.
Consistency wise I would say it is a cheap jerseys little gloopier that a regular Nail polish but it does go on sheer which I Bloglovin did not expect.I find that to start with it looks a bit thin and wishy washy on the nails but 2 to 3 coats gives a good solid colour pay off, and a very glossy finish.

Chip wise wholesale nba jerseys it does cheap nba jerseys last slightly longer than the others but as I am lazy {See BB cream post} I don’t bother using a Top coat.
Barry M Gelly Hi-shine Intensive retails wholesale jerseys for around 3-4 pounds which won’t break the bank.
Which Nail polishes do you Rate???

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