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Latest in Beauty Box of choice

Chit chat February 14, 2017 Naomi

Beauty boxes are everywhere now and though I do love a good box of surprises invariably you end up with a few dud products that you will never use or are not suitable for your skin,hair etc. This is were the beauty box of choice is such a winner, pick your own products so you […]

Weekend Away Beauty Box

Chit chat August 5, 2016 Naomi

Well Latest in Beauty have done it again. The Best thing about these beauty boxes is that you can see up front what you are getting so you know if they suit you right from the get go. The weekend away box contains a whole array of goodies to see you through a mini break […]

Summer Essentials.

Chit chat July 22, 2016 Naomi

Finally we have started to get some decent weather over her in the uk. Ordinarily our summers are a rained soaked washout and temperatures barely rise above cool to warm, so this burst of hot weather has been a bit of a novelty. As the sun has been shining I thought I would write a […]

Mini Boots Haul

Chit chat May 2, 2016 Naomi

I happened to get a spare hour to myself after work so I decided to go shopping and get a few new things to try out from Boots. Some I had been recommended, others I read good things about. The first thing I grabbed was the Dove Summer revived moisturiser come self tanner. This I […]

Coconut Oil Uses {or ‘walk around smelling like a big Bounty’}

Chit chat April 23, 2016 Naomi

I do love a Bounty bar, so walking around smelling like one is not a big deal to me. If you cannot stand the smell of coconuts then lathering yourself head to toe in the stuff will not be your idea of heaven. Funnily enough I actually don’t like eating coconut, {bounty’s aside} but for all […]

Ten things about me….

Chit chat April 9, 2016 Naomi

This is a tag post that was going around on youtube and in the blogging community awhile back, and every now and then it goes back around again. If like me you are nosey then you will love knowing random and useless facts about a person! Here then are mine… I always wanted to be […]

March Favourites,Makeup,Lady Jane Grey and more..

Chit chat April 4, 2016 Naomi

Anyone else a little alarmed at how fast this year is going?? Can’t believe it is April already. I will say though I am looking forward to turning my back on all the gloomy weather, Summer is by far my favourite month! It seems like it has been cold forever.{insert sad face here}. I thought I would do […]

January Birchbox

Chit chat January 16, 2016 Naomi

My January Birchbox arrived last week and I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. Birchbox like any beauty box subscription are very hit and miss, I have had some good boxes in the past but this one just didn’t hit the mark for me. Let’s talk about contents. First up the products I […]

New Year New You???

Chit chat January 5, 2016 Naomi

Happy New year Everyone!! Now that January is upon us it is always at this time that we look to diets and getting healthy. After eating our own body weight in chocolate and roast dinners we find ourselves saying things like “pass me that lettuce” or “let’s see if weight watchers is worth another try”, […]

The Christmas Tag

Chit chat December 19, 2015 Naomi

This will be my last post of 2015 as I will be too drunk over Christmas to even think about writing blog posts, just putting it out there! I will be back in Jan though when the detox and eating clean begins in earnest. Have a fab Xmas fellow beauty girls!. I decided to end […]