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Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon

Makeup May 30, 2016 Naomi

Bourjois have a nack of pulling off good products and the Lip crayons are no exception. Massively convenient, great choice of colours, and great shine means that this is a lip crayon worth handing over your hard earned cash for. I have the shade 07 proudly Naked which is as it sounds a nude shade, […]

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Makeup February 13, 2016 Naomi

O.k I hold my hands up, I am a girl with very expensive tastes. Now don’t get me wrong I love a bit of Primark, and I do love to find a bargain, but if I am truly honest I do like the finer things in life.{even if I can’t afford them all!} On then […]

YSL Rouge volupte shine

Makeup September 3, 2015 Naomi

Well to be fair I never thought this day would ever come. Nothing and I mean nothing could have ever replaced my Revlon lip butters, Or so I thought.They even made it into my top three of things I actually love; 1. My Daughter 2. The cat 3. Revlon lip butters. So it has come as […]

Lipstick loveliness

Makeup May 28, 2015 Naomi

I do really like a good lippy, I think lipstick or lipgloss is probably my most used, most purchased, beauty item. I was doing a little online shopping recently and came across three little beauties that I thought deserved a mention, so I snapped them up and have been wearing them every day since. All three are […]

Essence In Wilko

Makeup May 17, 2015 Naomi

Wilko, Not the first place you would think to look for makeup, I always go in there for bleach and bin liners, but back in late 2013 early 2014 Wilko started stocking a range of beauty products that retail for around 99p-£3.99. To be honest these did not really register on my radar until I saw a […]

Don’t believe the Hype

Makeup April 27, 2015 Naomi

Not often I write about a disappointing product, usually if I find something I don’t like I just throw it to the back of my makeup bag and forget about it, but sometimes you have such high expectations for something that when it turns out to be a bit crap you get a little bit […]

Naked on the Run Palette

Makeup January 5, 2015 Naomi

Happy New Year fellow Beauty girls!! Hope 2015 is the best one yet!. One of the presents I was lucky enough to get at Christmas time was the much hyped Urban Decay Naked on the run Palette. Now fans of the regular Naked palettes{and I am one of them} will know that they are a selection […]

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss

Makeup December 16, 2014 Naomi

I was looking for something to spend my Xmas money on, as I usually get it early and spend it on whatever I like before the big day {Thanks Mum!} and this year I settled on the Naked on the run palette which I will be reviewing in January, and the magnificent seven lipgloss collection from Bare […]

Naked 3 Palette

Makeup November 11, 2014 Naomi

I am finally back to blogging after a few weeks off and I really did miss it!! my computer is older than me and held together with sellotape and so a few weeks back it decided to die on me, but all is well now and I can get back to some serious blogging. So what’s been […]

Everyday Makeup favourites

Makeup September 15, 2014 Naomi

If you are anything like me then as much as you love all the makeup spilling out your makeup bag, and as much as you love throwing the latest Lipstick into your Boots shopping basket, You probably gravitate towards the same few trusty makeup items that you use time and time again. My first must […]