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Hair February 1, 2016 Naomi

I am starting a new segment on the blog, the currently Loving. Now I know this is not a new concept, the currently Loving is used a lot on Youtube in place of a monthly favourites, but I am not going to focus on the many things I have loved for the previous month, rather one thing I have used to death and deserves a mention.

I can’t actually believe that my first currently Loving hasn’t made it onto the blog before as I honestly use it every time I style my hair. The Tigi small talk 3-in-1 is a product my hairdresser always uses on me at the salon. ‘This looks good’ I thought and so I quizzed her for the next ten minutes on its benefits. Convinced I bought one and I have used it ever since.

What is it?? Well it is a thickener come styler come frizz controller if that makes any sense. I have fine hair that is flyaway so for me this is a god send. You simply pump it into your hands, rub together for awhile until you feel some slip, and then put it through your hair, I use it on wet hair before blow drying. I always notice a difference when I don’t use it, my hair just does not behave.

The packaging is a pump bottle which I prefer for quickness, fragrance is a weird one, I personally like it, it’s a sort of synthetic fruity Blueberry smell, not everybody’s cup of tea but pleasant enough to me.

Price wise it is not bad at all. The cheapest I have seen it is on Ebay for around a fiver but you can get it online almost anywhere, plus from your salon if they stock it. Now I have used it I would not want to be without it. It leaves my hair smooth and frizz free but with a bit more oomph.

What hair product can you not live without??


  1. Ana De- Jesus
    February 8th, 2016 7:44 am

    I have to confess the only hair product I really use is a shine spray especially if I am putting it up in a bun to slick my hair into place!

  2. Naomi
    February 8th, 2016 11:50 am

    Used shine sprays in the past Ana but I prefer a good oil now for shine.x

  3. gillian burden
    February 9th, 2016 7:51 pm

    sounds great 🙂

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