Dior Healthy Glow Blush

Makeup September 5, 2013 Naomi

Ok, I know I said this was crazy expensive, and yes it is. Ordinarily I would not pay a lot of money for a blusher. Most of the blushers in my makeup bag are from the drug store, or boots and superdrug if you are from the uk!. But after reading such great reviews and putting it on my wishlist, I caved in and got the Dior healthy glow blush. To make myself feel better I will say I did get it in the feel unique sale.

Let’s talk packaging, well for a start it comes in a beautiful black velvet pouch that makes it feel much more of a luxury product than your average blusher purchase.The compact itself is mirrored and embossed with the snazzy Dior logo.

The colour itself is quite vivid looking and before I swatched it I knew I would like it, bright bubblegum pink blush is my favourite type. The brush that comes with it is very nice, usually the brushes that company’s provide are frankly crap and not worth bothering with, but this is a nice size and feels soft, so I used it and I was pleasantly surprised. it worked well.

On the cheek it gives you a beautiful flush of colour. The Dior website tells us’ it works with your body chemistry to give you the perfect  shade for your skin tone’. On  me it is a lovely candy pink{I have very fair skin}.It also has a subtle smell of Rose which ordinarily I would not enjoy, for some reason I do not enjoy anything ‘Rose’ smelling, but this is ok in my book.

Would I recommend it, hell yes! it is a wonderful product that lasts all day on the cheek and gives your face a bit of a glow!. Not cheap by any means ,but look out for sales like I did and pick yourself up a bargain. I am sure I will get my moneys worth out of it and will be reaching for it for months to come.

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  1. Charlotte (@makupbcandlelit)
    September 5th, 2013 8:28 am

    Love the Dior packaging and the cute little pattern, sooo lovely!


  2. Naomi
    September 5th, 2013 10:03 am

    It really is a great blush, well worth the money!.x

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