Dr Jart Regenerating Beauty Balm

Makeup August 13, 2013 Naomi

BB creams hit the Beauty market a while back wholesale jerseys now and at the beginning I was never that bothered about trying them out. I have pale, oily/combination Sex skin cheap nfl jerseys and Industries though I don’t like a heavy, cakey foundation I do prefer a Открытая fuller coverage that tinted moisturisers and the like just don’t seem to give me.

Which is where my beloved Dr Jart comes in. The Regenerating formula was made to give more of a base to an oiler more problematic skin and for me it gives just the right amount of coverage. I have no active breakouts right now but I have covered spots with it and found it perfectly mask adequate for the job.

I don’t use a brush to apply it because I am lazy and find brush washing a chore but it has a lovely silky consistency that would marry perfectly to blending with a brush.
Ingredients wise it contains Jojoba seed oil for calming and smoothing and….. wait for it..Snail secretion formulate to hydrate and moisturise. Yes Folks you read it right snail secretions. Apparently the mucus from a snail is super healing and protecting and works wonders on human skin. For some reason I am not as grossed out about this Bloglovin as I probably should be.

The cream is also SPF 30 which means skipping a step adding a sunscreen in the morning. Great for us lazy girls with dirty brushes.
Dr Jart BB creams are not cheap,I picked mine up from Boots Gelly at a reduced price, normal retail price is around wholesale nfl jerseys the twenty one pounds mark.
What do you think of BB creams,are they worth the hype???

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