Glittery xmas Nails

Nail polish November 27, 2013 Naomi

The Nails I am loving right now are the Mavala pure Diamonds. I liked this Nail polish the moment I set eyes on it, silver glitter is oh so pretty! I have been wearing this since summer time really, but I think it comes into its own at Christmas time when it is party season and everyone goes for glitter and Bling.

The polish is very dense and glitter packed so I find two coats is enough. you can be heavy handed which I was not above in my swatch, I find this does give a better finish and shows the polish off to its full potential. I love how the glitter particles catches the light and shimmers and it does give a look of diamonds on the nail so it is well titled.

Lasting power is good and even without a top coat it lasts me a good week. It is fairly easy to remove, some glitter polishes are a nightmare to remove but I don’t find that with this one.  Another way to wear this polish is with a colour underneath and then put this on almost like a shimmery top coat.

The colour gets me a lot of compliments and though it is not at all dark it does stand out on the nails. Mavala polishes are cheap too at around the 3-4 pound mark, so they won’t break the bank. It does look mostly silver but it actually shimmers with lots of colours. The above swatch does not do it justice as it really does look beautiful on the nails. I suggest you really layer it on for maximum impact.


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