L’oreal Everpure shampoo-colour care and volume

Hair August 24, 2013 Naomi

Truth time now, even though I love Beauty I am never really that bothered about shampoo. It’s just a cleanser for your hair right? I always think there can’t be that much difference in them all when it comes to product performance and ingredients.
This is how I usually shop for shampoo; “That bottle looks pretty I will take it”. No thought what so ever. It’s only later at home that I realize it’s for curly,coarse unruly hair,{how can hair be unruly??? it’s not a toddler} which is not my hair type at all, so I probably end up never using it.{ I have fine hair, that is coloured}

L’oral Everpure Shampoo has been formulated to contain no Sulfates. Now sulfates are a bit of a bad guy in the world of Beauty. Basically they are a cleansing agent that gives your shampoo the foam. The problem is they are super drying and will rough up the cuticle of your hair leaving it coarse and tangled. Not good!

The shampoo itself is scented with Juniper and Rosemary which give it a woody, herbal smell, I like this, but if you love highly perfumed shampoo, then this one is probably not for you.

A lot of Sulfate free shampoos in the past have had a bit of trouble lathering up and most people have not got on with them. I had no problem creating a lather with the Everpure, in fact it was just as good as my ‘regular’ shampoos.

Do I rate it….?, well for a start I did find it left my hair super soft. So much so that I kept chasing my daughter around saying “feel mums hair, go on feel it”
As for giving my hair extra body, well I can’t really say that was true.My hair did not look any thicker to me. For the colour care part I did think my blonde looked a little brighter the next day so that was a bonus.

Is it the best shampoo I have ever used? again I think to me there is not a whole lot of difference when it comes to shampoo. I did like it, but I can’t say I loved it, but then when it comes to shampoo I am yet to be blown away by one that is wonderful.
Which shampoo do you rate???

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