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Face and Body September 30, 2013 Naomi

I am super excited to be writing this post. It seems like forever I have been waiting for these products to arrive. The Michael Todd line is not available in the U.k at the moment, and as I was so keen to try it I ordered mine from America, hence the long wait.

First impressions, I ordered the Normal/combination skin starter kit because I wanted to try a few products from the line and this was the cheapest option. The kit contains sample sizes which include a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, scrub, and treatment mask. It comes in a bright vinyl purple bag which you could re- use as a travel makeup bag. I am not such a big fan of the lime green zip to go with the purple but that is personal taste, you may love green.

Michael Todd products are as you would imagine a natural skincare line that do not contain any parabens, chemicals, sulfates and mineral oils. They contain organic ingredients and are made to be gentle yet effective on the skin. I am very interested in natural products, I do use so called ‘regular products’ but I am happy to switch to a more organic product if there is an alternative.

On to the products themselves. First I will talk about the Honey and oat deep pore cleanser. I was expecting this to have pieces of oat floating through it but this is not the case. Instead it has the consistency and the look of honey. This is a nice gentle cleanser that lathers a little and has a subtle light smell. It easily removed all my makeup and did not leave my skin feeling stripped.

The second product is the Blue green algae Toner. It has a very herbal pleasant smell that reminds me of Liz Earle products. It says on the bottle it is antibacterial, and highly moisturising. I am not a massive Toner buyer, in fact I never buy Toner but this one is nice and does the job if you are into all that.

The jojoba facial scrub is an interesting product. It goes on your skin like a clay mask and as it contains charcoal is a greyish black colour. It does not contain any harsh scrubbing particles and yet still feels grainy on the skin. Mild enough for even sensitive skin this did a good job of leaving my skin clear and bright.

Next product is the citrus cream moisturiser. Smells a bit like polish to me but you may love it. Smells aside it did leave my skin super soft!! I was very impressed with the look of my skin the morning after using it. Ingredients wise it contains hyaluronic acid, which is not as scary as it sounds and simply attracts moisture to the skin. I did find it soaked in like a dream and left my skin feeling silky.

Lastly I come to the pumpkin nutrient rich face mask. I had read up on this product before I used it and a few people had said it really tingles when you apply it, or it had made their face sore. Well maybe their skin is a lot more sensitive than mine or maybe I am a bit more hard core having used a glycolic acid product before, but I was fine and there was no tingling. The mask is designed to improve brightness and unclog pores, to improve elasticity and remove dead skin. I will say the pumpkin pieces in it you can see and you will have a bright orange face after you have applied it!. The pumpkin smell is very fresh and I loved it. This is a great little mask and I will be sad to come to the end of it.

Overall I am very impressed with the Michael Todd products. I will be a happy girl when they come to the u.k and I don’t have to wait for them to ship from the states. The quality of them is very high, and though the price reflects this they are well worth it. If you want to check out any of the products above you can  find them here.

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