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Face and Body Hair October 6, 2013 Naomi

Next to my Family and my cat, my beauty basket is the thing I love the most in all the world!!. This is the basket that I keep by the side of my bed, to dip into at night when I want to experiment with products and try new things.

As you can see from the picture it does contain quite a lot! some things I have mentioned already on my blog so I won’t be talking about every single item, instead I will pick a few treasures and tell you what I think of them.

I will start off with my L’occitane  shea butter lip balm. This is a life saver for me. I have the driest lips in the universe, so lip balm morning, noon and night has to be to hand. I put a nice thick layer of this on at night and wake up with the softest lips ever.

Next  another L’occitane product, this time my shea butter foot cream. This smells of Lavender and I love Lavender so I am sold on the smell. My feet like most peoples are a bit manky! so I rub some foot cream in at night to make them more presentable. This foot cream is great at softening rough heels and leaving feet looking good.

My favourite mask at the moment is the Elemis tri-enzyme resurfacing gel mask. This is an exfoliating mask that retexturises the skin surface and rebalances sebum levels. This is one powerful mask, I can always see a difference in the brightness and clarity of my skin after I  have used it.

A star hair product I have in my basket is the Richard Ward volumiser root booster. I have fine hair so volume is a must for me. You simply spray this onto the roots of your hair after washing and towel drying, and then blow dry as normal. Results.. lots of thicker looking hair. I will say when you first spray this it can feel a bit sticky, but when the hair is dry it goes away.

For serums I swear by the Bioeffect EGF serum. This is ‘cray cray’ expensive at £125 for 15ml!!!!!!. I have the sample size of this that came in my British beauty blogger box. It goes on the skin like water and you don’t think it is doing anything, but the next morning skin is plump, hydrated and fine lines look a lot better. If I  was rich I would buy this all the time. It tells you on their website that ‘It works by encouraging reparative cellular activity to replenish, nourish and renew the skin’.

For eyes I have the ESPA lift and firm intensive eye serum. I use a pea size amount of this at night only and pat it around my eyes{no surprises there!}. I am not a fan of heavy eye creams as I find they don’t sit well on my skin. For me a serum is the perfect consistency. This is a good one to diminish ‘eye crinkles’ as I call them.{wrinkles to everybody else}.

Lastly I will touch upon the Elemental Herbology cell plumping moisturiser. Not going to lie to you, this stinks! I don’t know what the fragrance is but I do know to me it smells funky. I can get over that though because it is a brilliant moisturiser. This is also good for day time as well as night as it contains spf 8. I would not recommend you use this on spotty skin as it is really for a dryer skin. I save this for my cheeks,nose and head and avoid  my greasier chin.

As a side note if you like the look of my basket I purchased mine at my local Tesco.

Leave a comment letting me know what products you like to use at night. And leave your Blog link so I can check it out!!

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