Neom Tranquility room spray and candle.

Chit chat August 17, 2013 Naomi

I am a candle lover,in the winter time I love to have a nice hot bath and light a candle and just relax. Traditional candles produce soot and if you like me have a cream bathroom {not practical I know} then you end up with a not so nice dark patch up your wall.

The Neom tranquility candle is made from all natural ingredients and vegetable wax so they do not release soot or harmful pollutants. It is fragranced with Lavender,sweet basil and jasmine. Now I find that the smell is not particularly strong, maybe I just don’t burn it for long enough, but to me it is not a really strong scent.
The small candle that I have retails for a whopping fifteen pounds and is known as the ‘travel candle’. They do make a bigger size for the grand sum of nearly forty pounds.

Burn time on the website is around twenty hours, which for a little candle like this is pretty impressive. I have had mine for a few months now and you can hardly see where I have used it.

Now to talk about the second of the tranquility products and my favourite of the two, the room spray. I spray this on my pillow at night before I go to sleep and I also spray my bedding. The smell is amazing, very fresh but calming and comforting at the same time. It is made with all natural and organic materials and like the candle has the same fragrance notes.

I love this room mist, I really do believe it calms me before bed and add to that the lovely smell that clings to your bedding, for me this is the real winner.
I love that it contains natural ingredients and that I am not breathing in any chemical nasties.
The Neom room sprays retail for around the sixteen pound mark.
Which candles or room sprays do you love???

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