Nivea In-shower Body Moisturiser

Face and Body August 31, 2013 Naomi

As I am a bath girl and not a shower lover, For the benefit of this post I will talk about the Nivea in-bath moisturiser instead.{not an actual product, don’t look for it in Superdrug!}

The Nivea product of the title is a skin conditioner that you put on your body after using your shower gel, leave for a while and then rinse off. It is used instead of a traditional moisturiser that you put on when you have gotten dry.

The benefit of this is you can splash it all about as I do and get it everywhere ,without it going on your clothes/the cat/your baby etc. It tells you on the bottle that you do not need to apply an additional body lotion as this is adequate.

Now I am a bit of a lazy girl as established in other blog posts. If I am in a rush I  don’t always bother  to apply lotion after my bath or I simply forget. I then cannot be bothered to strip again{cheeky} if my legs feel a bit itchy because they are dry, so this is perfect for me. I leave it by my bathroom in a prominent place so I remember to use it every time.

Does it work??,well yes I think I am a fan. I have found that my skin is soft and moisturised after use and It leaves behind a nice little sheen, which I presume is the Almond oil it contains.I am not overyjoyed about the smell,  I usually find Nivea products have a comforting smell and this does but there is a background smell that does not thrill me, but that is personal taste. you may love it.

It comes in a version for Normal skin{how lucky are you} and one for people like me who have dry parched desert like skin.[Think 3,000 year old Egyptian mummy}

The Nivea in bath/shower moisturiser retails for around the four pound mark.


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