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Chit chat October 16, 2013 Naomi

Occasionally when I am super busy with work, life, housework etc  I get a tension headache that I find hard to shift. I was looking for something extra to use to relieve the pain, other than medication or my beloved yoga. I had read some reviews that said ‘Origins peace of mind’ could be used for migraine sufferers so I thought  I would give it a whirl. Here are my findings…

I first heard about this product after watching the lovely Essiebuttons September favourites video. I was looking for something for tension headaches and this seemed to fit the bill. It comes in a tiny bottle so I am not sure just how long it will last, but if you use it sparingly it should be ok. It tells us on the bottle to apply to the temples, nape of neck and behind the ears.

Fragrance wise all I can say is wow, it is like mint times by one hundred. The smell is super strong, as well as mint it smells herbal, and really, really fresh. I just applied it to my temples for the first application just to see how I got on. Right off the bat it was tingly and very refreshing. I can clearly see how it is used to clear the mind or to give you a lift. I can’t say for sure how calm it made me feel but it did make me feel less heavy headed and achey, which is a side effect of a tension headache.

Did it take the pain away completely?? no, but I think if you apply it straight away when you get those first niggles it can help to make you manage the pain a lot better. I have been applying this at night also, when I am watching vlogs  or reading blogs, as a way of de-stressing before bed. At around £12 this is not the cheapest thing in the world, but if it helps then it is well worth the price.

I am a big lover of Aromatherapy products so for me this is a winner. The smell is comforting and I have now found that if I am in a bad mood or feeling stressed then this is the product I am reaching for. If you like me get tension headaches then give it a try. It does help your muscles to relax and the smell really does give you a boost.

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