Summer Essentials.

Chit chat July 22, 2016 Naomi

Finally we have started to get some decent weather over her in the uk. Ordinarily our summers are a rained soaked washout and temperatures barely rise above cool to warm, so this burst of hot weather has been a bit of a novelty.

As the sun has been shining I thought I would write a post on my summer must-haves, the products that I use for Hols, travel and general hot weather. In no particular order I have been loving…

Bright Neon nail polish. Summer is a great time for pretty,girly colours that go well with a tan. Now I rarely tan, I just go a red blotchy shade as I am particularly fair, all that Viking and Scandinavian  blood from my paternal Grandad and mum’s side of the family, but in summer  I like my red and coral and bubblegum pink nail polish, the brighter the better. Never really brand loyal but I do love the Barry M gel polishes for a really glossy finish.

Dove summer glow Leading on from the I don’t tan story and the fact that we all know that real tans are not good for us I like a bit of fake tan to give me some colour during the summer months. As I am crap at applying tan and usually end up with it all over the bathroom the Dove summer glow is a body moisturiser with added tanning agents to give you that desired colour. Idiot proof you just throw it on after your bath/shower and wait for the colour to take shape!.

Hair masks If you read my blog you will know my hair is dyed, styled, and straightened to death and so the result of all this hair torture is a dry birds nest on a regular basis. Hair masks are my best friend. My current bestie is the L’oreal Elvive extraordinary oil mask. Smells divine, works like a charm and leaves hair soft and manageable. Summer sun is notorious for drying out your hair so use this a couple of times a week and you will be fine.

Tata Harper skincare collection. I love,love ,love Tata products. Organic and natural they use all the finest ingredients to really care for your skin. The price is on the ‘High’ of high end so you will wince when you order them online, but if you want to treat yourself to some luxury skincare then look no further. Great for my more mature skin I use them every single day and I have seen results. The star in summer is the Hydrating floral essence, stick it in the fridge and then spritz when you are feeling hot and sticky!.

Lip crayons. In summer I want no fuss long wearing lip products that I can just throw in my bag and when I apply them they won’t dry out my lips. My go to product at the moment is the Colour boost crayon by Bourjois in the shade Proudly naked. This is the perfect pinky nude and great for a pop of colour that goes on shiny and won’t budge.

If you want a more in depth review on any of the products here then check out my previous blog posts for more info. Let me know what products you love to use in summer time…




  1. Madeeha
    July 22nd, 2016 2:02 pm

    Such a lovely post. Loved your picks. I also go for fuss free lip products in summer. Xx

  2. Naomi
    July 22nd, 2016 3:23 pm

    Thanks Madeeha.x

  3. Kaye
    July 22nd, 2016 2:04 pm

    I swear by Salt Spray in the summer! It’s not often I go on beachy holidays, or to a beach, so salt spray helps me achieve perfect summer beachy hair. I also love using facial sprays to help cool down, but ones that won’t ruin any makeup you have on either

  4. Naomi
    July 22nd, 2016 3:23 pm

    I do like a salt spray Kaye but I don’t use one often.x

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