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BBBB 4!!

Chit chat November 1, 2015 Naomi

Sorry that is a whole lot of B’s and if you don’t know their meaning it looks a bit like some mad code! It actually stands for the British Beauty Blogger Box number 4 and if you love your products as much as me it will need no explanation. The Latest collection, and rumoured to […]

Latest in Beauty heart box

Chit chat July 11, 2015 Naomi

You really can’t beat a latest in beauty box, I love their little collections and I have to stop myself from ordering every one! The value for money is always brilliant and the products inside are good and of a high quality. I have had this particular box for awhile now as I wanted to […]

The Dream Box 3!!

Chit chat March 27, 2015 Naomi

Fellow Beauty bloggers and regular readers will know I flipping love the beauty boxes put together by Jane Cunningham AKA The British Beauty Blogger. They always feature great products at an affordable price that Jane has personally tested out herself. This box contains a selection of hair face and makeup items that are worth £110 […]

The beauty bible loves box.

Chit chat September 1, 2014 Naomi

Another fab little beauty box from Latest in beauty, they really do pull out all the stops when it comes to their boxes, and unlike other brands you get to see what is included up front, so no rubbish products that you would never use. If you have never shopped with them before I will link […]

May Favourites

Chit chat June 7, 2014 Naomi

Warning this post is a little bit obsessed with lip products! Don’t ask me why but I have gone a little bit cray over lip products lately, I have been buying them none stop, and if anyone knows of a help group I can join please let me know. Sillyness aside I have got a […]

Dream Box with Latest in Beauty-First Impressions

Chit chat June 2, 2014 Naomi

If you are a Beauty blogger and use Facebook or Twitter then you will already be very familiar with the contents of this particular box!. This is the Third box put together by Jane or the British Beauty Blogger, this time as a collaboration with Latest in Beauty, who have a good reputation for putting […]

You Beauty Limited edition box

Face and Body May 19, 2014 Naomi

You beauty Discovery recently teamed up with the CEWUK or the cosmetic executive womens uk award{you can see why they abbreviate it} and gave us the very fabulous you beauty Limited edition box. Unlike birchbox and other subscription service boxes, here you can see exactly what you get before you order so no nasty surprises […]

BBB Beauty Box 2!!

Chit chat November 18, 2013 Naomi

I was a massive fan of the first BBB Beauty Box put together by Jane or the ‘British Beauty Blogger’ as she is better known. I have used and loved all the products, so I naturally jumped at the chance to get my mitts on the second box she bought out on October 30th. I […]