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May Favourites

Chit chat June 7, 2014 Naomi

Warning this post is a little bit obsessed with lip products! Don’t ask me why but I have gone a little bit cray over lip products lately, I have been buying them none stop, and if anyone knows of a help group I can join please let me know. Sillyness aside I have got a […]

The queen of lip Balms

Face and Body December 13, 2013 Naomi

Now for starters I want to say ordinarily I would never spend a redonkulous amount of money on a lip balm, but every year I get money from my mum around xmas time and I always spend it on something high end for myself. This year I got the Dior crème de rose Lip balm […]

September wishlist

Chit chat September 2, 2013 Naomi

I have been visiting a few Beauty websites lately and I have created a wishlist of my most wanted products. My product wants for now are; Dior Healthy glow blush.  Not a big fan of the hefty price tag but we are talking about Dior. Love the pretty pink colour of this blush and the packaging is very […]