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Tata Harper why are you so bloody expensive????

Face and Body February 22, 2016 Naomi

Well it happened again. Those of you who read my last post will know I’m a sucker for high-end skin care and makeup. So it will come as no surprise to you that I have found yet another luxury brand that I love.{warning this post is very wordy}. For those in the know Tata Harper is […]

New Skincare Bits and Bobs

Face and Body January 19, 2015 Naomi

You can never accuse me of being loyal to one particular skincare brand.  Regular readers will know I love the Cleanse and polish by Liz Earle, I also love anything by Elemis, but I am always willing to give new things a try and so I thought I would talk to you about a couple of […]

Dr Jart Regenerating Beauty Balm

Makeup August 13, 2013 Naomi

BB creams hit the Beauty market a while back wholesale jerseys now and at the beginning I was never that bothered about trying them out. I have pale, oily/combination Sex skin cheap nfl jerseys and Industries though I don’t like a heavy, cakey foundation I do prefer a Открытая fuller coverage that tinted moisturisers and […]

Dove Intensive repair hair mask

Hair August 12, 2013 Naomi

I have what I would call problem hair. My scalp is uber dry, my 2010年 園開き hair is flyaway and fine and I wholesale NBA jerseys dye it so much it’s a wonder it has not fallen out. I am always Bloglovin on the lookout for a good hair mask to make my hair somewhat behave […]