The ‘S’ Word

Face and Body August 17, 2013 Naomi

If you are a mummy like me then chances are unless you are a celebrity or born with super elastic skin, then you have had to do battle with the dreaded stretch marks.Mine are located on my hips and thighs, my stomach is fine for some reason even though I ate like a horse when pregnant and looked like a sumo wrestler minus the ugly nappy.

I have tried various creams over the years and nothing really has made much of an impact. I decided to try ‘Palmers cocoa butter massage cream for stretch marks’. I am a massive fan of the original cocoa butter,if you have never tried it the smell is very strong and like marmite you will either love it or hate it.I personally love the smell but I will say it is much more subtle in the stretch mark formulation.

The texture of the cream is quite thick but I found it massaged in very easily and leaves a slight residue but this will eventually soak in. The ingredients on the bottle states it contains vitamin E, Shea butter and Bio c elaste which is a powerful mixture of collagen, elastin, argan and sweet almond oil. All good stuff. It also tells us that it is Paraben free which I look for in a body cream.

Now for the results.. well I must say that I have not found my stretch marks have miraculously disappeared, however the skin itself does look smoother and in better condition, and I do think the stretch marks have faded in places.
Will I repurchase it??, yes I think I will. But I am still ever hopeful for that ‘magic’ cream that removes them altogether.
What are your favourite stretch mark creams??

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