Top ten Tea tree uses.

Face and Body September 6, 2013 Naomi

Tea tree is an amazing product. Native to Australia the oil is made from the distilled steam of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. Used for centuries by the native Australians it is found to be anti-fungal, anti-viral and effective against bacteria.

I  always have a bottle of tea tree in the house. It has a very potent smell that is similar to camphor but much, much fresher. It has a whole host of uses, but the most common I have listed below;

1. To dab on spots or acne to heal them.

2. I like to put a few drops directly on to my makeup brushes after washing to discourage the growth of bacteria.

3. If you get an itchy scalp, either apply neat to your head and rub in, or add a few drops to your shampoo.

4. Add to feet ‘neat’ if you get athletes foot or if your feet smell!

5. Apply to sunburn to help take away the sting.

6. It can be put ‘neat’ on grazes or itchy skin. If your skin is sensitive dilute it down first in warm water and then apply.

7. For colds or aching muscles put a few drops into a hot bath, and if you are congested the steam will help with your breathing.

8. Tea tree can be used to clean and sterilize your home. Dilute in warm water and store it in a disposable bottle, then simply spray it on to things you want to clean and freshen.

9. Gargle with a few drops of tea tree if you have a sore throat.

10. Insect bites are sometimes very itchy so put a few drops of tea tree on the sting to reduce the redness and itch.

Disclaimer. Though I watch a lot of grey’s Anatomy, I am not in fact qualified to give out medical advice. So please research anything you are not sure of, and if in doubt seek the advice of a real medical professional.

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