Winter products I can’t live without.

Face and Body November 10, 2015 Naomi

Well winter came with a bang here in the U.K, which for us Brits means rain, drizzle, more rain, and freezing cold foggy mornings. All of this takes a toll on the skin and unless we can all hibernate until Xmas { I vote yes to this!} then we are going to have to up our skincare game.

My first Winter must have is the Elemis skin nourishing shower cream. This is hands down the best shower cream in the known universe and the smell is just heavenly! It looks like thick double cream, and if you are a fan of their milk bath it has the same divine fragrance and texture. I love the scent of this so much I sniff myself after use {TMI??}. Super hydrating it will leave your skin soft and silky.

For bath time I have been loving the Lush butter ball or the ceridwen’s cauldron. Both are my favourite Lush bath treats and are designed for dry and sensitive skin. They are not cheap at around 3-4 pounds each but I save mine for a special treat, and will definitely be stocking up for Xmas time.

For the skin on my face I have been really enjoying the Delarom aquacomfort cream that came in my November Birchbox. This is packed full of skin saving ingredients such as Aloe vera, mineral salts, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. I will say the Aloe gives it an unusual plant/leaf like fragrance but I  can overlook that for how plumped up and moisturized it made my skin.

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A good all rounder also came in a beauty box and that was my Love me wonder balm for lips, cuticles and dry patches. I spoke about this in my BBBB 4 post so won’t waffle on, it is a waxy little pot of wonder that I have been using as a lip balm and also putting it on my nails last thing at night.

For all over body care regular readers of my Blog will know what I am going to suggest you use. The caudalie divine oil is my desert Island product, I use it every single day without fail. It is so versatile it can be used all over the body, through the hair, and on the face. The smell {here I go again with smells} is just beautiful and it really does hydrate. Not cheap by any means but save your pennies and buy it, you won’t regret it.

Do you have any fab winter skin saviours?? Leave a comment…


  1. Rebecca
    November 10th, 2015 11:26 am

    I haven’t heard of any of the brands that you use but my fab winter skin saviour has to be just moisturiser 🙂 ox

  2. Naomi
    November 10th, 2015 4:51 pm

    Elemis and caudalie I use all the time Rebecca,definite must haves for me.x

  3. MissPond
    November 10th, 2015 1:36 pm

    I love the elemis shower nourishing cream, I use it all the time! I love the shampoo and conditioner from that range too- does wonders for my hair in winter 🙂

  4. Naomi
    November 10th, 2015 4:50 pm

    Totally agree Miss pond, Elemis is my favourite brand.x

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